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I've Got Those Happy Feet
Icons!! This batch isn't very large but I need to post them because I'm probably going to be iconing the new episode of Bones and I don't want to put spoilery icons in with these. So no spoilers!!! Yay!

I'm going to be xposting these over on my main journal greatbriton I think I'm going to make that my main icon journal as well, but I will still post my icons up here.

Angel: The Series: 4
Bones: 23


Icons of B&W LoveCollapse )

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Woo. been a long time. But I've gotten hit with the icon making bug again. This is the first batch I've made since getting my new computer and having lost all my Adobe things, so I'm lacking some of the stuff I usually like to work with. I was in the midst of making some icons from Angel and Bones, both shows I've just recently gotten into and then saw the episode "You're Welcome" in the Fifth Season of Angel...and I just HAD to start iconing.

Forgive me if the icons seem a bit rusty. Haven't been at it in a long time. :) And I was unable to get my texts to work the way I would have liked on a lot of them.

Angel: The Series: 53
Bones: 12
Stargate SG-1: 14


Icons of Undead LoveCollapse )

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Well, yeah. I've done something I've never done before.

I made a Fanvid! omgz!

I couldn't help it. I love Tegan and Sara but apparently some of their songs remind me of some SG-1 relationships for some reason. lol I can't explain it. I was listening to this song "Back in Your Head" and I could just picture the Daniel/Vala pairing in SG-1. its like..become Vala's theme song for me. haha. anyway. I don't know if its any good. I've never made a video before, so ugh. I kinda hope it portrays what I'm going for. I'm also in the works of a Daniel/Jack piece...cause another song from the same album is just forcing me to make it.

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Wowzers. Its been almost a year since I've posted anything here. I've been around just haven't had time for Icons or fiction. so busy working. It took a random comment on the journal for me to realize I need to get back on this.

I guess with so many movies and shows out and Football starting up again, I'll have plenty of inspiration.

Anybody want any icons from the Showtime show Dexter? I'm going to be making some, so if anybody's a fan, I can make some for you to. :)
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I was going to save these because I wanted some more variety...not just fussball and Jens Lehmann...but... In celebration for Arsenal's win over Manchester United, and Lehmann's awesome game...the Gunners awesome game overall really...I'm just going to post these now and start a new group from the beginning. YAY!

Most of the icons are Jens Lehmann related...I can't help it. And for some reason I paired him off with people. For the World Cup icons I couldn't stop making Lehmann/Odonkor icons. I think Odonkor is adorable as all hell and all those pictures of him being the first to leap into Jens' arms after the penalty shoot-out with Argentina...awww! <3 And with Arsenal...I stand by Lehmann/Toure for some reason. They have a strong defensiveman's bond or something.


Icons of Lehmann LoveCollapse )
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Alrighty...another freaking fic. I don't know how this one turned out. I like it, but don't know if anybody else will. *shrug* And I didn't have a beta for it..and I just finished it and its five in the morning...so yeah.

Title: A Painful Favor
Author: greatbriton or lowdownbeat
Pairing: Jens Lehmann / Christoph Metzelder
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Post Germany/Italy game. Christoph does what he can to help Jens through his pain at losing. And Jens promises to make it up to him. Warning!: There is a slight bit of man getting smacked with belt. Pain...so if you don't like that...then don't read. Kind of a sucky summary, yes, I know.
Word Count: 4000 // unbetaed.
Disclaimer: I don't own anybody or the rights to anybody. I'm a lonely loser-like person who doesn't own much, so its not worth a lawsuit.

A Painful FavorCollapse )

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Oh dear! I wrote a fic! My obsession with football has resulted in me writing a fic. I'm too far gone already!

Its my first football fic...so be kind. I've never dived into this realm before, and I'm relatively knew to the entire...sphere that is the football game and fandom. So again, please be kind. :) :)

Title: An Understanding
Author: greatbriton or lowdownbeat
Pairing: Jens Lehmann / Oliver Kahn
Rating: R
Summary: WC Pre-Argentina match. Things finally come to a head between Jens and Oliver after a training session.
Word Count: 3000
Disclaimer: I don't own anybody or anything that has to do with this fic...I don't even know the people. So don't like...sue me or anything.

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Wow...been awhile. And I need a new layout! sheesh!

Anyway, I have some icons!! FOOTBALL icons!! JA!

The German National Team and Lehmann Love. And I threw in the frenchman Zidane for good measure.


Icons of Slashy Footballers!Collapse )

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Small Group of icons here. I'm sorry. I've been super busy and then when I sat down to do some icons I had some trouble. So I'm just gonna post the few I've got done.

Green Day: 6
Layer Cake: 7
The Mighty Boosh: 9


Icons From Monkey HellCollapse )

More, hopefully, coming soon. :)

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POW! A New Look!



Green Day: 9
The Office: 6
Pride and Prejudice: 14
Spooks (MI-5): 12

Icons For McNastys!Collapse )

I know its been a long time, and I apologize. I've been working on getting a new car and getting into new television shows and as you can see, freaking out of Pride and Prejudice...so yeah. Anybody want Little Britain icons? Well, no matter if you do or not, I'm making them anyway for next time. So THERE!

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